Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy Oy Oy

These floating gems atop fresh spinach and a hash brown pancake were had at Turtle in Elwood, Victoria.

The past few weeks I have been traveling around Australia, and I have got to say they have some of the best coffee and eggs every corner you turn.  They have unbelievable fresh produce, and it is so easy to just spend your days lazing around eating fantastic food. You could also go very wrong there.  If I am correct Australia just topped off America as the fattest country, even though they probably have the population of nyc in their entire existence.  They are completely westernized in terms of food, including one of the most appalling ideas I haven’t even seen in NY-the chunk tuna roll.  Which is basically tuna salad in a sushi roll…i just threw up a little in my mouth thinking about it!

The country is stunning, and I only had a short while to visit some of the most popular places including Cairns (which is where the Great Barrier Reef is), Sydney, and Melbourne, where I have amazing relatives that I wish were closer to home!!

Melbourne is more European influenced, and has great cafes and stores.  They sell plenty of chocolate everywhere, and I met a great family friend who makes her own rocky road bars which I honestly could not put down.  They are called Chocky Road, and if you have a chance to pick one up in a cafe or shop, then you will have a little slice of heaven.  She makes so many different varieties out of her own home including turkish delight, mint chocolate, and white marble, and they have become so popular.

Another food destination in Melbourne for cakes and coffee is called Brunetti.  I went to the original one in Carlton and had a slice of Nutella and Ricotta cake…they do NOT make enough things with Nutella here and they should take a lesson.

There really is no quick way to sum up my past few weeks..I say, if you have the time.. go see for yourself.

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