Jolie Warbet

is the founder of Lady of Grand. She is a 4th generation Lower East Side resident who is insistent on keeping the old New York charm alive.

Captivated early in life by a sense of independence, her travels and discoveries are guidelines for those willing to break free from routine. 

Lady of Grand started on Grand Street, NYC covering the downtown food scene. She looks for the most interesting places and people, volunteers her time in the community, and is learning how she (and you) can work towards improving the food system. Jolie took a Permaculture Design Course in Berkeley, CA and is excited by transforming the way we look at growing food, education, food justice, and small scale ecological design for a more sustainable future. 

She produces video, social, and digital content to provide a deeper look into your business while building a more meaningful connection. 


Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
— George Bernard Shaw